Join us for a community dinner and an evening of art creation, art viewing and the celebration of our George Russell painting, now hung in the church foyer. 


STARTING TIME 5:30 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm

Please come and participate in an evening of celebration of art and creation.  We encourage you to bring things of your own creation that you can share with others. This program even provides opportunity to be creative.  And join in honouring and paying tribute to the late George Russell, who gifted the painting to Grosvenor in 1969 that now adorns our foyer. 

The program is as follows:

Congregational Art Display     5:30 to 6:30

We ask you to bring some examples of your own creation (up to three items) such as: paintings, sculpture, stitchery, quilting, books, and other art and craft objects. Tables will be set up around the perimeter of Schnell Hall. So we know how many tables to set up please sign up and provide information on the size of your items.  The sign up sheet is on the table in the cloakroom.  Items not for sale.

Non-alcoholic punch will be provided during this period prior to dinner.

Potluck Dinner at 6:30 pm

Tony Carr will be making chilli. We ask you to bring a salad or a dessert. Buns and spread will be provided along with beverages.  There will be a donation basked to help cover the cost of the food provided and the cost of the plaque and restoration of the painting.

Have Fun Creating a Christmas Scene—during the entire evening

Three Christmas scenes will be selected for you to help create, including a nativity scene.  You will be provided with multi-coloured plasticine.  You can make one figure or object for the scene or for each of the scenes, if you wish.  At the end of the evening we may auction them off and/or gift them to places like Oliver Lodge.

Tribute to George Russell at approximately 7:30

There will be a special program with videos and presentation of his life and work.

Dessert and beverages following the program.