Today's guest minister is Rev. David Kim-Cragg, and his worship Reflection is entitled "Love that Crossed the Line."

Rev. Kim-Cragg is a former minister at Grosvenor, and is currently a PhD student at the U of S. Below is an excerpt from a description of his recent studies found at:

I am seeking a PhD in history after 16 years in ministry for the United Church of Canada. During my career, I have focused on issues of gender and racial justice. In preparing for ministry I studied as an exchange student at HanShin Theological Institute in Seoul, a center for political activism during the 70s. Later I worked for three years as a chaplain at HanShin University‚Äôs Osan campus. I have had congregations in Southwestern Ontario and Saskatoon. Following graduation, I hope to teach Korean history and mission history in Canada and Korea while continuing in ministry within the United Church of Canada. 

There will be NO Sunday School or Nursery, Sunday, December 31. Full programming resumes January 7.