Bringing Voices Together to Update Our Sanctuary

Facilitator: Sam Robinson
Sunday, March 17, 11:30 - 1:15 pm

A number of committees, groups and individuals have a variety of ideas about what we should be doing next with the Sanctuary, so it’s time to get all those voices in one room! (As well as those who are just interested in hearing the ideas.) Following worship, we’ll have a light lunch together and spend about 90 minutes in a deep and important conversation that will help us move forward with this necessary work.  

This is YOUR opportunity to help “grow Grosvenor” and build the kind of church that can better serve the community and our spiritual lives.

EVERYONE is welcome, but we’d appreciate your commitment in advance so we can plan for lunch and childcare. Please call the church by 2 pm on Thursday, March 14, to sign up. If you can’t commit early, please come anyway as we always plan for a few extras. We’ll meet in Grace Land.

QUESTIONS? Contact Brenda Baker

PERSPECTIVES BACKGROUND:  This is our sixth annual Perspectives gathering. The purpose of Perspectives is to help ensure we’re on track with the recommendations of our Vision Report and progressing in ways that matter to you. Are we successfully fulfilling our goals? Where do we need to focus more attention? Are there new elements that need to be introduced?

Grosvenor’s Visioning Report has been in circulation since October 2014. Many people contributed their perspectives to the dreaming-planning process, as you can read in the document. Hard copies of the Visioning Report are usually available at the back of the Sanctuary, or online. The report’s list of eight “overarching goals” has become a meaningful compass for Council, staff and volunteers. Council's response to the report's recommendations can be found here.


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