A few words about Transfiguration Sunday, first adapted from the UCC website:


Second, from A-MUSED, a blog found online (c.2012) and credited below:

TRANSFIGURATION  As a Jesuit priest I was preaching at St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Nassau Bahamas, yesterday. The Gospel was that of the second Sunday of lent, Mark 9:2-10, which tells to story of the Transfiguration of Jesus.  I focused my thoughts on what I called “continued listening”, a listening that goes beyond and beneath the surface, a heart-listening that will open our ears to those precious words of affirmation spoken not only on the person of Jesus but on each and everyone of us “You are my beloved”.  I am convinced that if we allow ourselves to listen deeply to these words every day we will be transfigured - i.e. radically changed - reflecting more and more the life-and-love-giving energy of the One who speaks them.

Upon returning home I came across the above colourful abstract painting simply called Transfiguration.  

  • Sit still, quiet down, and gaze at the painting for some time.
  • With the gospel story of the Transfiguration in mind, what does this painting elicit in you?
  • In all three of the gospel accounts of the Transfiguration the disciples are described as afraid. Why do you think this is?

Personal Reflections | Philip Chircop
Painting | Jaison Cianelli