Iridesce: The Living Apology Project

If you wish to participate, please sign up by Friday, March 2. Just call the GPUC office at (306) 374-7766 so that we’ll have numbers for lunch. All are welcome to this free event. 

The Iridesce Workshop is a compassionate and engaging time to learn, share and respond, regarding how the United Church welcomes LGBTQ2+ people. The United Church of Canada did something  historic in 1988 when it welcomed gay and lesbian (and, a little later)  bisexual, trans and 2-Spirit people into full participation in the Church, including participation in ordered ministry. 
Led by Project Coordinator Aaron Miechkota, Iridesce is a national project of story-sharing and dialogue with people affected by the Church’s 1988 decision. These stories will then help the Church to discern if, and how, it might live into an apology to the church’s LGBTQ and Two-Spirit people. 

You are invited to contribute your experiences and perspectives, and add to the discussion. Our goal is to have brave conversations and become a stronger church together.  The workshop is a positive space to share and be heard, or to simply listen and be present. 

For more information, and to contribute your reflections online, please visit

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