As an emerging and progressive Saskatoon church, our ministries have a strong connection to outreach and social justice. Each of our ministries has goals that aim to make our city and our community a better place.


FEATURED MINISTRY: Refugee Sponsorship

Last September Grosvenor Park and St. Paul’s United teamed up to create the 'Ahlan Refugee Project. ('Ahlan is Arabic for family or kinfolk.) Together we are sponsoring a Syrian refugee family under the Canadian government’s Blended Visa Office Referred Program. Besides substantial financial support, our two churches are providing social and day-to-day assistance to help this young couple and their two preschool children (with a third on the way!) to adapt to life in Canada. With their permission we introduce you to the Al Othman family!


Ministry of Celebration

  • Sunday worship and periodic communion
  • Special themed services
  • Celebrations of Life (Funerals)
  • Marriages
  • Worship in care homes

Ministry of Belonging

  • Coffee (and sometimes lunch) after worship
  • Special dinners and social events
  • Opportunities to share your ideas, talents and time

Ministry of Caring

  • Visits to hospitals and care homes
  • Visits to bereaved
  • Home visits
  • Personal counseling
  • Pastoral care to young adults and university students

Ministry of Education

  • Sunday School and Youth Group
  • Sunday program for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Bible study and other periodic adult programs
  • Workshops on such things as Truth and Reconciliation, Intercultural Church, Disabilities 
  • Support and encouragement of self-directed study

Ministry of Sharing

Ministry of Advocacy

  • We advocate through consensus for a variety of causes, e.g. welcoming refugees or support of antipoverty initiatives, often through Integrated Community Ministries (ICM)
  • Since becoming an "Affirming Ministry" in May 2009 we speak out especially on LGBT2Q issues (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited and queer community) and participate in Pride Week and Breaking the Silence
  • The United Church of Canada's General Council advocates regularly on issues of justice and improving policies around human rights and the environment, to name just two areas of interest

Ministry of Global Outreach

  • Support of regional, national, and international ministries through a percentage of Sunday givings contributed to the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada
  • Fundraising for short-term international projects, e.g. Kakuma Refugee camp; Kenya, Blossom School in Burma (Myanmar); flood victims of Mozambique
  • Sharing our ministries world-wide through an effective web presence

Ministry of Partnership

  • Use of our resources to enable community programs that are in keeping with our values, such as Kids of Note and The Notations: integrated choirs for people with and without disabilities
  • St. Andrew's College at the university campus where future U.C. Ministers receive degrees
  • University of Sask. Ecumenical Chaplaincy

Ministry of Communication

  • Seminars on contemporary church development and topics of interest to our growing church family
  • November is for Novices – an opportunity for newcomers to learn about GPUC
  • Perspectives – annual opportunity for reflecting together on the future of GPUC
  • Staying current with communication trends to help connect us to one another and to the community

Ministry of Our Building

  • Our church building is an asset that helps us fulfill our mission of service in Saskatoon; it's often made available to charitable groups at a manageable rate, or for free, depending on the cause; renting our building for other kinds of events helps us to keep our doors open so that we may provide all the ministries listed above!
  • Longtime renters include Alcoholics Anonymous (since 1976!) and Al Anon; Special Olympics; Toastmasters; and Short Mat Bowling
  • Many arts groups have found a home here, including Kids of Note; Grosvenor Artists Group; U of S Ballroom Dancing; Saskatoon Opera (spring show) 
  • Arts performers of all kinds have chosen this church for rehearsals and concerts


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